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Setting up every QB battle: Who's leading, which rookies could start
It's May, and Adidas Bobby Baun Womens Jersey if you don't know who your team's starting quarterback is ... well, it could be a while before you do. With OTAs about to get underway, minicamps still a month away and oodles of time before training camp, NFL teams that have quarterback questions aren't in a hurry to get them answered. These teams will spend as much time as they can between now and September making sure they get this just right. Because if you get your quarterback wrong, not much else about your season matters. So let's take a super early look, in no particular order, at the starting quarterback battles that will occupy our attention throughout the summer: Savage started two games last season when Bill O'Brien got sick of Brock Osweiler, then he lost the job when he got hurt, because O'Brien has starting quarterback ADD. The Texans moved up in the first round in the draft, hoping Deshaun Watson would be the cure, and he might well be. The question is when he'll be ready, and how much O'Brien really means it when he says good things Adidas Boone Jenner Womens Jersey about Savage. Brandon Weeden, one of four quarterbacks to start a game for O'Brien in 2015, is still around to help if things crater. Most likely to start Week 1: Watson. Why not? "He'll win over that building in no time," one person who has worked with Watson said. "The coaching staff is going to look for ways for him to win the job." The Texans can put a playoff-caliber team around Watson and ease him into NFL life without asking him to carry them. Think Mark Sanchez as a Jets rookie who made it all the way to the AFC Championship Game with a team that led the league in defense and rushing. That's the dream. Plus two more wins, and then a career. Most likely to lead team in 2017 starts: Clearly, I'm all-in on Watson. But I don't think the number is 16. Again, quarterback ADD. Where it stands: Mitchell Trubisky is their guy for the long term. So say all those picks they used to move up from No. 3 to No. 2 in the draft to get him. But as is the case with all the quarterbacks in this year's draft, Trubisky probably isn't ready to start right now. Fortunately, the Bears spent handsomely in free agency to sign former Bucs backup Mike Glennon, who's left wondering if he's the Matt Flynn to Trubisky's Russell Wilson in this whole equation. With Chicago not quite as "win now" ready as the 2012 Seahawks were, it's probably not that cut and dried. Mark Sanchez and Connor Shaw are the other two options on the depth chart, and it's likely one sticks as a backup if Trubisky doesn't show enough progress this summer to be at least the backup. Most likely to start Week 1: Glennon. He's making a guaranteed $16 million this season, and $2.5 million of his 2018 money is fully guaranteed as well, so it's not as if he's going anywhere. The writing might be on the wall, but there's no reason to not to run him out there first if he's healthy. Most likely to lead team in 2017 starts: Trubisky. The pressure to play Adidas Brandon Dubinsky Womens Jersey him will be intense, and Glennon doesn't have enough around him to succeed in enough of a way to hold off the rookie. The Bears' rebuild will begin earlier than the current coaching staff might like it to, and depending on how this year goes, it might be another coaching staff that has to continue it.
Where it stands: The Browns made three first-round picks, and none of them was a quarterback. The current depth chart features, in no particular order, Brock Osweiler, Cody Kessler, Kevin Hogan and second-round pick DeShone Kizer. Of the four, Osweiler has the most NFL starts, with 21. But the Browns acquired him from Houston in a financially motivated deal and not intending to keep him. Kessler started eight games as a rookie last season, and Hogan got into four. Kizer is the project everyone agrees won't be ready right away.After a 1-15 season, Hue Jackson and his coaching staff have to balance the search for a long-term answer with their desire to have at least
some success in 2017. "They went into the offseason thinking they could trade for Jimmy Garoppolo or AJ McCarron, and neither guy was available to them," a league official said of the Browns. "At this point, Osweiler might be their best bet." Most likely to start Week 1: Kessler, assuming they move on from Osweiler as they planned to when they acquired him. Jackson seems to like Kessler, who showed at least something when he played, and finding out what he's got is as good a way to spend the short term as any.
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